Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello everyone.  I hope all is well with you.  The yard sales have just about gone , but I have found a few auctions to visit.  Still looking for big items .  Mainly I have found only small items this week.  But still very nice items.  Here are some of them:

                                                                Ceramic Bread Box  $30.00

                                                               Collection of Pottery

                                                              Handpainted  "Peach" Chair $40.00

                                                                Christmas Dishes

                                                            More Christmas Dishes

                                                          Collection Of Swans

                                                               Ceramic Mother/Child  $15.00

                                               Two Glass Top End Tables   $20.00 Each

                                                            Handmade Snowmen Ornaments

                                                               Canvas Painting  $40.00

                                                        Set of Manger Plates  $15.00

                                                           Pottery Plate  $20.00

                                                               Black Leather Jacket  $75.00

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season.

Willow Faye

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